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Duncan Heritage Farm, located approximately 6 miles northwest of Newell, SD, is owned and operated by Jesse and Desiree Duncan and their three children. In 2019, we moved from our hometown in southeast South Dakota to begin our journey and fulfill our dream of farming organically.
Proudly, we are USDA Certified Organic through the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).  We have certified crops of alfalfa, small grains and produce.  Although our livestock is not certified organic, they are fed and raised on our organic farm as naturally as possible.


Some say why choose organic? Duncan Heritage Farm was built on the belief of working with nature and doing our part in promoting a healthy world for our children, our community, and future generations to come. Organic farming features practices that cycle resources, promote ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. This is why our farm is free from pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and genetic manipulation. Our efforts will continually build healthy soil, combat erosion, promote water conservation, and animal health by using naturally occurring substances. No matter how big or small the effort is, the end result will always be good. Not only does this practice benefit the environment, it benefits your body as well. Eating organic has been known to build up your immune system, reduce toxins in your body, enhance weight loss due to detoxification, better digestion, balanced hormone levels and gives you the energy you deserve to enjoy life!

Read more about the USDA National Organic Programwww.ams.usda.gov

Learn more about the OCIA  http://www.ocia.org

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