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Certified Organic Crops

This is the heart and foundation of how our farm began. Each year we will offer a variety of alfalfa and small grains. Jesse has been farming for many years beginning with his Grandpa and Dad. Farming organically consists of a long complex audit trail from tilling up the soil, harvest, and selling our product. All crops are strategically mapped out with proper rotation schedules, pest management practices, no chemicals or pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers.Our efforts will continually build healthy soil, combat erosion, promote water conservation, and animal health by usuing naturally ocurring substances.  Thiese products will be made available to sell as they are harvested.

Certified Organic Produce

We have a variety of large gardens on our farm, each filled with a beautiful variety of vegetables, perfect for everyone’s needs. One garden in particular is Sweet Corn and Popcorn! Just like the crops, each garden is carefully selected and mapped out to create a healthy balance for each type of plant. Each year the garden crops are rotated to provide productivity benefits by improving soil nutrient levels and breaking crop pest cycles. No chemicals or chemical fertilizers are used. In 2021 we will begin offering certified organic vegetable transplants! Visit our online store to place your order!


Our hens are raised and fed organically on our farm. John Deere tractors are not the only tractors here at Duncan Heritage Farm! Our hens enjoy their time in our handmade chicken tractors where the general functions of a farm tractor of digging the soil, weeding, fertilizing and pest control all happen here too. We will also have turkeys and broiler chickens as well! Visit our Online Store to place your order!


Here at Duncan Heritage Farm we raise Scottish Highland Cattle for beef. They are grass and hay fed and pasture raised right here on our certified organic farm. The Highland is a Scottish breed of rustic cattle. It originated in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland and has long horns and long shaggy coat. These cattle are a hardy breed. They require little in the way of shelter, feed supplements or expensive grains to achieve and maintain good condition and fitness. Highland cattle seem to enjoy conditions in which many other breeds would perish. Cold weather and snow have little effect on them. Their beef is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholesterol and higher protein and iron content than other beef. The Scottish Highlander’s proven ability to produce top quality meat without the addition of expensive high quality feeds makes this breed the perfect choice for those who wish to produce beef with natural inputs. We will post dates for pre-orders so stay tuned!


We chose Mangalica pork for many different reasons.  Here at our farm we want to raise animals that align with our structure and purpose! It is important as an organic farm that we have animals that are hardy, finish on grass & of course, provide you with excellent quality meat! Mangalica’s are a Hungarian breed. They don’t require a lot of shelter due to their wooly layer and do surprisingly well in warm climates as well. They like to forage, digging for grubs and don’t wait around for you to feed them. They do well on alfalfa, barley and wheat. They will not be fed corn or soybeans as that will taint their beautiful white meat. Their meat is delicious! Jesse really enjoys researching on the different types of products we provide and he always likes to be different than the average! 

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