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Our online store will be updated on a continual basis on what products and quantities are available.  

Farm to Table

Duncan Heritage Farm’s goal is to provide our community with affordable, fresh produce in a convenient and accessible manner.  We understand that life is busy so we want to ensure you can get fresh produce without leaving town! Here are a few ways:



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Farmers Markets

Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media for dates and locations!

Farm Stand

Duncan Heritage Farm is proud to announce that our products will also be available at Newell Hardware Store weekly (Saturdays). Here you can pick up a generous box of vegetables that are available during that time. You can pre-order for the whole growing season, sign up for weekly and/or bi-weekly pick up, or you can simply show up and purchase whatever is available.  One box will provide enough vegetables for 2-4 people (depending how you eat).  Please know that the amount of vegetables and types may vary based on the weather and growing season dates.  

**Cost: Our Farm-to-Table program is based on a “Pay what you can” scale, while still providing our farm with sustainable income to continue for many years to come.  

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